About Us


Our company was established in Sakarya in 2013, and our main goals are to be a company that creates value in Turkey and international projects.

Thanks to our experienced and professional team, we are proud to provide you with quality service!


By combining our experience under the roof of Arel, we shape the steel with the welded joint method, and by adding steel mesh and roof cladding production lines to our activities, we brought the industrialist vision and identity to the fore. In this way, with its professional management model and corporate company structure, it provides effective services in line with the requirements of the age with a more dynamic and broad perspective, and as in countless and unique projects up to now, many projects will continue to provide full control and control of the "projecting - manufacturing / assembly and construction site management" processes. Our main goals are to manage as the main contractor with control and to be a company that creates value in Turkey and international projects.


In parallel with the increase in demand for steel structures in recent years, many companies have joined this sector, and this situation has created competition in the sector. ADA AREL A.S. While taking firm steps towards institutionalization, it brings its project and application experience in industrial facilities to an advantageous position against other companies and serves more selective individuals and organizations who do not want to compromise on quality.


Our R&D studies continue within our company in order to achieve a production quality in accordance with Structural Steel and world standards. The most important goal of our company is to provide the best service and quality to our customers with our knowledgeable, experienced and successful customer relations staff.